Thursday, September 5th, 2019

08:30-09:30  Registration
09:30-10:00  Opening
      Professors` exordium:
      Radovan Bogdanović (Belgrade, Serbia)
      Franz Schaefer (Heidelberg, Germany)
      Musical moments
      String Quartet of the The School for Musically Gifted Children (Ćuprija, Serbia)
      Sara Ristanović, violin
      Anja Janković, violin
      Maša Jovanović, viola
      Kristina Antić, cello
      Class: professor Miloš Čorlija
      1) Franz Schubert – String Quartet Nr.4, D. 46
       I Adagio – Allegro con moto
       II Andante con moto
      2) Carlos Gardel: Tango “Por una Cabeza”

Session I – Always current topics in pediatric nephrology (chairpersons Otto Mehls and Radovan Bogdanović)

10:00-10:25  Acute pyelonephritis and renal scarring, Constantinos J. Stefanidis (Athens, Greece)
10:25-10:50  Do children with CKD turn into Happy Adults?, Otto Mehls (Heidelberg, Germany)
10:50-11:15  Genetics of FSGS, Mirjana Kostić (Belgrade, Serbia)
11:15-11:30  Discussion
11:30-12:00  Coffee break

Session II – Cystic renal diseases – from the very beginning… (chairpersons Franz Schaefer and Amira Peco-Antić)

12:00-12:25  Perinatal diagnosis, management, treatment and follow-up of cystic renal diseases, Franz Stefan Schaefer (Heidelberg, Germany)
12:25-12:50  ADPKD in the young, Djalila Mekahli (Leuven, Belgium) / Stephanie De Rechter
12:50-13:15  ADPKD during adult life, Emilie Cornec-Le Gall (Brest, France)
13:15-13:30  Discussion
13:30-15:00  Lunch

Session III – CKD and dialysis (chairpersons Lesley Rees and Constantinos Stefanidis)

15:00-15:25  Gastrostomies and feeding issues in children with CKD, Lesley Rees (London, UK)
15:25-15:50  Mineral and bone disorders in children with CKD, Rukshana Shroff (London, UK)
15:50-16:15  The new phosphate binders, Sevcan Bakkaloglu (Ankara, Turkey)
16:15-16:40  Lessons from CKD registry, Dušan Paripović (Belgrade, Serbia)
16:40-16:55  Discussion
16:55-17:15  Coffee break

17:15-17:40  Vascular access in children requiring hemodialysis, Constantinos J. Stefanidis (Athens, Greece)
17:40-18:05  Peritoneal dialysis in infants, Gregor Novljan (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
18:05-18:30  Fluid balance in children on hemodialysis – time for a global change in management? Olivera Marsenić Couloures (New Haeven, Connecticut, USA)
18:30-18:55  Hemodiafiltration, Rukshana Shroff (London, UK)
18:55-19:10  Discussion

19:30-21:00  Guided tour through the Belgrade downtown for speakers

21:00      Dinner for speakers

Friday, September 6th, 2019

Session IV – Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Nephrology (chairpersons Akash Deep and Vesna Stojanović)

08:30-08:55  Continuous renal replacement therapy, Timothy Bunchman (Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA)
08:55-09:20  Hepatorenal syndrome, Akash Deep (London, UK)
09:20-09:45  Neonatal acute kidney injury – up to date, Vesna Stojanović (Novi Sad, Serbia)
09:45-10:10  Premature kidney – are we caring enough? Aleksandra Doronjski (Novi Sad, Serbia)
10:10-10:25  Discussion
10:25-10:58  Oral poster presentations (chairperson Timothy Bunchman)
      10:25-10:34 Epidemiologic Analysis of the Serbian Pediatric Registry of Chronic Kidney Disease, S.Nikolovski
      10:34-10:42 Chronic Hemodialysis in Small Children: A Single Center Experience, B.Spasojević-Dimitrijeva
      10:42-10:50 Role of single pass albumin dialysis in the pediatric intensive care unit – tertiary care center experience, N Stajić
      10:50-10:58 Risk factors for CMV PCR load after kidney transplantation – single center experience, M. Cvetković
10:58-11:45  Coffee break and e-posters presentations (Chair M. Saraga)
      Identification of Disease Causing Genes in Children and Young Adults with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, PM Herr
      Kidney disease in Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome – case report of three patients, M. Vasiljević
      Normal values of bladder capacity in children from 7 to 11 years old, S. Milanović
      Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome After Renal Transplant: Good Prognosis After Immediate Diagnosis: A Case Report, B. Veselinović
      Gitelman Syndrome – The Importance of ionogram and Blood Gases in Diagnosis, RF Stroescu

Session V – Non renal transplantations and renal complications (chairpersons Zoltan Prohaszka and Natasa Stajić)

11:45-12:10  Bone marrow transplantation and kidney injury-an overview, Nataša Stajić (Belgrade, Serbia)
12:10-12:35  Haemodynamics and acute kidney injury in patients with sepsis and multi-organ failure after the bone marrow transplantation, Akash Deep (London, UK)
12:35-13:00  Thrombotic microangiopathy after bone marrow transplantation, Zoltan Prohaszka (Budapest, Hungary)
13:00-13:25  Heart transplantation and renal complications 15 years’ experience, Miloš Ognjanović (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
13:25-13:40  Discussion
13:40-14:10  Oral poster presentations (chairperson Constatinos Stefanidis)
      13:40-13:48 Urinary neutrophil gelatinase – associated lipocalin (NGAL) in asphyxiated premature Neonates, B. Pejović
      13:48-13:56 CMV infection after kidney transplantation – single center experience, M. Cvetković
      13:56-14:04 Congenital solitary functioning kidney-a follow-up study in children, V. Radaković
14:00-15:00  Lunch

Session VI – Renal transplantation (chairpersons Burkhard Tenschoff and Brankica Spasojević-Dimitrijeva)

15:00-15:25  Steroid withdrawal within the first year after pediatric kidney transplantation-elevated risk for the development of de novo DSA and acute rejection episodes, Stephen Marks (London, UK)
15:25-15:50  The relevance of non-HLA antibodies in renal transplantation, Burkhard Toenschoff (Heidelberg, Germany)
15:50-16:15  BK nephropathy, Subclinical viral replication and its impact on renal graft outcome – management and outcomes, Jelena Stojanović (London, UK)
16:15-16:30  Discussion
16:30-17:00  Coffee break

17:00-17:25  What is on the horizon in the surgery of pediatric transplantation, Nizam Mamode (London, UK)
17:25-17:50  Surgical approaches for the small child, Nikos Kessaris (London, UK)
17:50-18:15  Liver and kidney: some diseases may involve both organs. What are the transplant options in children? Renato Romagnoli (Turin, Italy)
18:15-18:40  Transplant renal arterial stenosis-risk factors and outcome, Brankica Spasojević-Dimitrijeva (Belgrade, Serbia)
18:40-18:55  Discussion

20:30      Gala dinner

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Session VII – Glomerular diseases – how much we still do not know? (chairpersons Francesco Emma and Rezan Topaloglu)

08:30-08:55  Genetics of Alport syndrome, Julia Hoefele (Munich, Germany)
08:55-09:20  Steroid dependant nephrotic syndrome, Francesco Emma (Roma, Italy)
09:20-09:45  Vasculitis with clinical cases, Rezan Topaloglu (Ankara, Turkey)
09:45-10:10  Henoch Schoenlein and IgAN nephropathy: what the new classifications add to what, Licia Peruzzi (Turin, Italy)
10:10-10:35  C1q nephropathy, Marijan Saraga (Split, Croatia)
10:35-11:00  C3 glomerulopathy, Tanja Kersnik Levart (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
11:00-11:15  Discussion
11:15-12:00  Coffee break and e-posters presentations (chairperson Constantinos Stefanidis)
      E – posters:
      Significance of nephrin mutation in patient with recurrence of nephrotic syndrome after kidney transplantation, B. Veselinović
      The renal Fanconi syndrome with Cystinosis- a case report, S. Petrović-Tepić
      Successful management of cytomegalovirus-induced hemophagocytic lymphohystiocytosis in kidney transplant patient – case report, M. Cvetković
      Ifosfamide induced Fanconi syndrome, E.Golubović
      A rare cause of acute urinary retention in 13-yeard old girl, S. Tegeltija

Session VIII – Do not forget tubules (chairpersons Marijan Saraga and Mirjana Kostić)

12:00-12:25  Hypophosphatemic rickets, Francesco Emma (Roma, Italy)
12:25-12:50  Bartter and Gitelman syndrome, Adrian Catalin Lungu (Bucharest, Romania)
12:50-13:15  Dent`s disease, Danka Pokrajac (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
13:15-13:40  Renal hypouricemia – still underdiagnosed? Velibor Tasić (Skopje, North Macedonia)
13:40-13:50  Discussion
13:50-14:20  Oral posters presentations (chairperson Francesko Emma)
      13:50-13:58 Characteristics of Corticosteroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome with Early Onset in Children, B. Veselinović
      13:58-14:06 Carotid intima media thickness in children with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, A. Paripović
      14:06-14:14 IgM nephropathy in Bulgarian children – frequency, clinicopathological correlation and treatment results, G. Zlatanova
      14:14-14:22 Rituximab in the management of Steroid-Dependent or Frequently Relapsing Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome in children-single center experience, S. Tegeltija
14:22-14:45  Coffee break

Round table – Regional problems in diagnostics and therapy
14:45-16:15  Moderator: Emilija Golubović (Niš, Serbia) and Velibor Tasić (Skopje, North Macedonia)
16:15-16:30  Closing remarks

This Program is accredited at The Health Council of Serbia, No 153-02-01685/2019-01/ A-1-1973/19, with 13 credits for lecture, 11 credits for oral presentation, 9 credits for poster presentation, and 8 credits for attendance.